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Besides manufacturing quality standard passive components, Liberty also provides customized OEM passive components to your specialized needs. We can provide resistors and capacitors, both through-hole and SMD, to your customized value, tolerance and packaging.

For customized components, please call our sales department for details and quotes.


We understand in order to stay competitive in today's market, manufacturing of products in the US on large volumes are no longer feasible. Liberty can assist in your overseas manufacturing needs. Whether it's assembly houses you are looking for or complete OEM production, Liberty is the one to call. We have helped many US based companies transistion from US based manufacturing to Asian manufacturing. The switch will save your company between 30% to 60% and will allow you to become more competitive and increase your bottom line margin.

Our manufacturing outsourcing services are negotiated case-by-case. Typically, a small retainer and/or a percentage of gross purchases will service as our fee. Liberty will find a few OEM factories for you to choose from, arrange tours of the manufacturing facilities and provide translation and negotiation services. We will stand beside you and assist through out the entire transition process and will remain at your side to help with questions and problems anytime you need us.

When you are ready for Asian based OEM manufacturing, please email oem@libertycomponents.com with your needs.

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Master Product Catalog

NEW - High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Chip
Available in many specs.
NEW - Poly Switch Fuse Capacitor
NEW - Battery Capacitors

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